About Us

RNA research is an interdisciplinary endeavor that spans biology, medicine, agriculture, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Ohio State’s Center for RNA Biology houses the single largest group of RNA experts in the country – more than 300 faculty, staff, students, and postdocs. The center’s mission is to advance life sciences research and education at the university by building on existing strengths in RNA biology, developing synergies through interdisciplinary initiatives and outreach, attracting and retaining outstanding faculty, and bringing the best graduate and postdoctoral researchers to the university.

To encourage new ideas and collaborations between members, the Center supports the development of new research teams through the cooperative Center for RNA Biology Seed Grant Program. This program began in 2014 and we are excited about the work that  Seed Funding Program will produce.

The Center for RNA Biology is focused on developing our next generation of scientists through Education and Outreach. In order to do this the Center facilitates a monthly seminar series held on the second Tuesday of the month during the school year. Our Seminar series hosts world-renowned speakers from around the country to talk about their scope of work in the RNA field.

Our Center also has a competitive Fellowship Program for graduate students each year. The Center for RNA Biology provides one year of graduate fellowship support for up to three students each year. Three fellowships will be available for students in member labs on the OSU campus and there is partial support for one student in the laboratory of a Center member located at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

This year we are beginning our Summer Undergraduate Program  This program is a 9 weeks long and provides the opportunity for undergraduate students, in junior or senior standing, to come spend the summer learning with us. The students will work with a Faculty mentor, participate in lab training, weekly journal clubs, and engage in other extra-circular activities with other undergraduates. This program provides students with opportunity to gain hands on experience in the lab to aid in the preparation for graduate school.