RNA Courses

MG5601 “Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics Laboratory”

When: The course is taught half of the semester (from October to December) each year.

A Junior/Senior class for the MG majors that aren’t doing undergrad lab research. This section of the course involves assaying different Arabidopsis mutants for transposable element expression using quantitative real-time RT-PCR.  Lectures are extensively on RNA methods, RNA extractions, and all other things RNA.

Microbiology 8050 “The RNA World”

When: The course is taught the second half of the Fall semester (October-December).


Biochem 7766: Advanced Nucleic Acids

When: 1st session Fall

Molbioch/Biochem 6761: “Macromolecules: Proteins and Nucleic Acids”

when: Fall Semester