Center for RNA Biology Graduate Fellowship Announcement

Good morning RNA world,

On behalf of the CRB review panel, I would like to invite you all to congratulate the winners of this year competition. This year was by far the stiffest competition on record And in fact, there was an absolute tie at the top. The review panel recommended the following and I have agreed to this arrangement.

  1. Ian Price and Benjamin Pastore (both from Wen Tang’s lab) will share one fellowship, where the CRB will provide 50% and the

The Tang lab will provide the other 50% of the support. That way they are both recognized for their outstanding proposals.

  1. The “second” Fellowship goes to Paul Russell from the Kearse lab.
  2. The last fellowship, but certainly not the least, goes to Fawwaz Naeem from the Fredrick lab.

Congratulations to all the winners! Eagerly waiting for wonderful results coming from this support!

Finally, special thanks to the reviewers who have done a marvelous job! And endless thanks to Susan Cole for chairing the committee!