The Daniel Schoenberg RNA undergraduate research fellowship

The Daniel Schoenberg RNA undergraduate research fellowship

The Daniel Schoenberg fellowship was established in 2017 by a $20,000 donation to

Ohio State University from the estate of Irene Schoenberg. This fellowship is to be used

to provide support during the summer months for one outstanding undergraduate

student who, upon graduation will pursue graduate study in RNA research.


1. One fellowship of $4000 is to be awarded each year until the balance is exhausted, at

which time it will expire.

2. The fellowship will be limited to supporting an undergraduate researcher who has the

expressed goal of pursuing graduate study in RNA research. The application must

include a specific statement addressing this point.

3. Candidates for the fellowship must be currently enrolled at The Ohio State University

and must have spent at least one year performing RNA research in the laboratory of a

faculty member of the Center for RNA Biology.

4. Candidates for the fellowship must be completing their third (junior) year of study.

Because this is intended as a stimulus for graduate study, fellowship support will only

be awarded for research performed in the summer months between third and fourth

(senior) years.

5. Candidates will submit an application by May 1 of their junior year. The application

will include a description of their current research, progress made to date, and work

proposed to be done under fellowship support. It must also include a statement of

career goals, a copy of the most recent transcript, and 3 letters of support, including one

from their faculty mentor.

6. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of 3 faculty within the Center for RNA

Biology, with the advisor of any applicant recused from the review process. The

committee will rank order the applications and the fellowship will be awarded to the

student who receives the highest ranking.

7. If none of the applicants meets the criteria set forth above the committee and Center

are directed to abstain from making any award, and instead save those funds for a

future round of applications and review.


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